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One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

by Brightly

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Rugby 04:24
Hold me down / Choke me love / There’s nothing more that I need from above / I got cum on my jeans but I swear I believe in true love / Last night we were heroines / On heroin and shitty speed / It was not as chic as I’d dreamed it would be so I fashioned my escape As we buried you deep they served sweet champagne / I choked back a giggle and waited for rain / I was drunk and ashamed sweating sweltering oblivion / So shall we pretend as we rise from our squalour / Get up to commute / Here’s to wealth / To honour / Raise a glass to the working class building houses on salt and on sand / And cheese / Say cheese Pass me the ball / Throw me a bone / I’ll run like a dog that is beaten and bowed / Still every try that we try to convert will be rigged up to find its way home / But I’ll carry on / Success is a bottle / I’m sucking them down / Goddamn tomorrow / Haunt me now all these spirits I’ve drowned as I circle round the drain And I can’t sleep for the shame
Lost 02:52
Let’s start again / Take my hand / There’s a star for every grain of sand / Tell me how you feel / Your sweaty palm on mine / All the gods are here / We’ll be alright At night I dream that we are free / Just tiny beams of light escaping / Just through the seams / We’ll be alright / Endlessly we collide And we’re not lost / We’re home now / We never die / We spread out / Can you feel the wind? / It’s lifted high above our heads / Along with every single swirling grain of sand / We will dance again
Darling please / Hold me in your arms so I can breathe / Lift me from the ground and I won’t leave / And I won’t let you down / It’s you and me Oh honey please / Cut me into bits and rearrange the ones that do not fit / And you will see / Nothing’s going to change for you and me / I will rearrange for you and me I can’t help but watch you when you sleep / To catch my breath / I see stars when you see red / I will not go / Tell me little secrets and I will weave them into our brittle bones / Then we’ll be strong I know
I feel a little sick / A slow disease it burns / I know there’s nothing wrong dear / Though I try and try and try to get it right / I just can’t fix this The moon looks big tonight / I guess I cried / There is something in my shoes / They're still dragging through the little bits of me that got left with you And I don’t know / Cause I have never worked it out / I have a million doubts / The things we swore about / I’m not so sure now / And I know that you once said the smartest ones have to work for it / And I wish that i thought like that I feel a little tired / I used to bear a torch so high my arms would shake / They'd tremble / You said some things we can change and some will stay the same / So why get upset? And I don’t know / Cause I have never worked it out / I have a million new doubts / The things we swore about / I’m not so sure now / And I know that you once said the smartest ones god they die for it / And I wish that I’d thought of that I know that I am a space and I am abbreviated then erased / Where are you now mate? / Where are you waiting? / And I have these dreams and they creep up on me and the next thing that I know I’m back where I started from / So I guess I lost it
Breathe this air in / Feel it holding you up / All the boys around you / With life in their lungs / Sunday afternoon / June 24 / The sweltering city / Baby hear that knock at the door / Luther can’t you hear that knock? There are flames and they’re rising / Oh god no / No escape / All the smoke is choking us / There’ll be nothing left to save / So come on lift me up / Carry me / I once told my mother that I’d be free Your Sunday will come / You’ll be born again / The city will hold you to its chest / You will not die in sin / They’re all gone / They can’t hold you up / So breathe the air in and let it carry you my love / Luther can’t you hear that knock? There are flames and they’re rising / Oh god no / No escape / All the smoke is choking us / There’ll be nothing left to save / So come on lift me up / Carry me / My mother spat and swore she'd bury me Maybe that’s the way it’s meant to be / That’s the price we paid for freedom There are flames and they’re rising / Oh god no / No escape / All the smoke is choking us / Clung together we are saved / So lift me up / Or bury me / My father never said another word to me / My mother locked the door as I turned to leave / So I guess that I am free And when I am gone / When the last breath leaves my lungs / Bury me in a fruit jar with the boys that I loved
Close your eyes I’m gonna take advantage of you / And waste your life away / I’m gonna be mad / I’m gonna be sad / I’m gonna be bad for you / You’ll wish I never knew your name / As I waste your life away Skinny legs / They weigh a ton on my chest
The Garden 03:44
Don’t cry my dear / I know that you’re scared / I know that fear / If there’s no wine / Well I’ll hide it in my overcoat / And we’ll break out darling I know / We’ll break it out I know / We’ll break out darling I know it smells like a hospital / But you don’t need perfume to be beautiful / And if this takes us a million years we’ll sit and wait with you dear / We’ll sit and wait with you dear / We’ll sit and wait In search of you I found myself / One day soon we will sit by your garden / You know each year when the roses bloom? / Well honey that’s gonna be you / Honey that’s gonna be you / Honey
Darling hold me now / I am coming down / I am fading fast / I am fading / Bury me at sea / In the water deep / Let the cliffs keep watch / Let them watch me / I am coming home now Reach your hand out / Hold your breath now / All the stars are here / All the stars are / I am coming home now Do not mourn me / When my breath leaves / I am in the wind / When the wind blows
Oceans 04:18
Are you a puddle or an ocean? / Are you drowning? / Are you floating? / Are you still? / Are you in motion? / I know what you were hoping / That you could disappear for a moment / But nothing’s ever easy is it my love? Somehow you’ll drift away from this crowd / Somehow you’ll drift away Are you wasting away? / Oh my dear how I worry / I don’t know what to do but I swear that I’m sorry / And nothing you’ve done Was worth nothing at all / When you sleep do you dream somewhere deep underwater? / Safe in the depths / No despair / No quarter / Still somehow I know you will rise again You’re will rise somehow / You’re going to leave this crowd / Somehow you'll fly away Can you feel it in your bones darling? / They’re never going to stop you now You’re going to burn up the sky tonight / You’re not going to drown / You’re floating away now / So there’s an ocean to cross / I can tell you my dear / That there’s nothing that’s going to hold you here / I know that you’re worried / But honestly you do not need to be / Cause you’re with me / You’re with me
When we collide / We are alive / A spark of light Save me / Darling please / Underneath it all I know what it means / Save me / Give me the gun / Trace out the paths of the people I loved Don’t turn away / Burn up the sky with me / Our words are vibrating strings / They circle us now Save me / Show me the way / Draw me a line / Draw my foot from the grave / Save me / We’ll bury it all / Cover our bones with the leaves as they fall Still I know when you’re out of sight / I can feel it / So maybe nothing means nothing at all / And oblivion will come to call / I don’t care / We had it all Save me / Show me the way / To step into the night / To give it all away / Save me / I guess I’m afraid


The third LP, One For Sorrow, Two For Joy, explores themes of balance—joy and sorrow, life and death, a tiny blue dot and an endless sprawling universe. It was written and recorded over a long winter in Reykjavík, Iceland and London, England, and was mixed and mastered in Melbourne, Australia by longtime collaborator and Grammy-nominated engineer Andrei Eremin.

Thank you for listening.


released June 17, 2016

All songs by Charlie Gleason except Untitled by Tom Lanyon. Mixed and mastered by Andrei Eremin at Jack The Bear’s. Typeset in Playfair.


all rights reserved



Brightly London, UK

Brightly is folk/electronica that Charlie Gleason wrote, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. He likely has a crush on you.

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